Scargill – A Few of my Favourite Things

Solar Power for All?
I’m wary about this one – it’s all a little vague, but as they seem to have won awards, could this really be the start of a photovoltiac cell revolution?

I need a Wii
If you’ve been on the moon for the last year, you won’t know about the WII – a £200 games machine that is taking the world by storm (and who’s bowling game is killing my arm). For everyone else, I wonder if you’ve thought at all about that brilliant gadget, the WII remote. This is NO TOY – at £30 or so each, it is the bargain of the century for the experimenter – it has an IR camera, movement sensors, buttons, all accessible via Bluetooth….. but so what you say… well I say go to the site above and see how one guy is making waves with the controller – I’ve tried some of his experiments and they work – and work WELL.  Sorry that your laptop isn’t touch-screen? Add a WII controller and it can be!  Amazing, yes, impossible, no!

Google Hacks for Dummies
Just as most of the power of Microsoft office is often unused, most of the power of Google also gets missed. Here’s a particularly good way to waste your time – watching other people’s webcams thanks to Google.

Considering your own Media PC? I did and set up Window Media on Vista – didn’t like it. I’ve chosen MediaPortal for now because it is free and it works – mind you I’m not watching live TV (or recording) as I have a SKY HD unit – but I’m using it for everything else – watching movies, movie previews, music, images, streaming radio stations etc – this is a good bit of software.

Free Stock Images
Looking around the web you’d think there were no shortages of free images – but in fact quite the reverse is true. Most of the sites I see have images that are going to get the site owners in trouble, sooner or later.  Take a look at the FSB’s forums at the Getty and Corbis topic if you want a real eye-opener.  So if you’re going to use images in your website – make sure you know where they come from – anyway, the above is a link to a number of sources of images.

TV Channels Galore
Thousands of TV channels – granted most are in a foreign language but there you go. Fun for all the family.

Want to play with CSS – this handy online tester (TryIt Editor) lets you dump in your own CSS and code and see what it looks like immediately