How will you get WIFI for your iPAD?

With the launch of the iPAD just around the corner in the UK, you might think that there are plenty of WIFI access points to use it with, bearing in mind that the basic unit will NOT allow tethering to your iPhone…..

Well, that’s a worry because the government is doing it’s best to screw up WIFI access in the UK

On the other hand there are signs of common sense when it comes to the IMPLEMENTATION of the Digital Economy Bill (DEB) – but only very thin on the ground at the moment..

Of interest, what of those who buy one of those 3G access points, I refer to the likes of the Solwise 3GWIFIMRW wall server unit. You plug in your 3G dongle and it serves up IP addresses you can use yourself or share with others for a small meeting. Technically that makes you an ISP!!! When the iPAD takes off you can be sure that gadgets like this and the even simpler ones offered by others will take off – or will they – it all depends on how the press plays the DEB.