HTML5 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 IE9

Ok, someone tell me where I’m going wrong! Why on EARTH would Microsoft want to show a preview of HTML5 on IE, demonstrating the code needed to get border radii … when the Microsoft forthcoming product doesn’t appear to be as good as Firefox is NOW?

Here’s the deal – go to Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview

Load it up… preferably in a VM somewhere as I have – just in case… and run the demo…

I reset then animated the border radius.  Internet Explorer 8 is the ONLY one of my test browsers that could not animate the border.

Here is the IE8 image and code needed.



and the new all-singing IE9 version…


And now SAFARI


Now Chrome


And finally FIREFOX



I’m not sure which one(s) is(are) correct, clearly IE8 is wrong – but it looks to me like Firefox is doing the job in half the coding space of anything else?? I should add all these tests are using up to date browsers on Windows 7 64-bit. The IE8 is the 64-bit version.

Am I missing something?