Eclipse and Node_MCU on Windows

Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong here… I have the full Eclipse set up on my Windows PC and have already imported the MQTT project and tested it – lovely. Like other projects you end up with CLEAN, ALL and FLASH controls to wipe old firmware binaries, compile new code and FLASH the ESP8266 modules – all very civilised and easy to use.    I did exactly the same installation with the node_mcu (ie LUA) software – and… nothing – no apparent way to do any of this within the Eclipse environment. Did I do something really stupid here? Hopefully, getting a solution in here will help others as well. Everything was installed from scratch on my laptop this morning so there is no old code here. It is all the latest downloads – and until Lua all went splendidly smoothly following instructions I’ve referred to in earlier blogs.

Examples – AT code – works fine.

AT Code

Example – MQTT project imported – works fine


See MQTT above – straightforward installation – the 3 buttons ALL, CLEAN and FLASH appear just like the other projects… but in the case of NODE_MCU….


Oh dear.- no buttons!

Also – if someone knows how to rectify this.. they might also be able to answer another question. Somewhere in the above project – I guess in the INCLUDE folder – is the 0.9.5 SDK.  In the other examples in ECLIPSE the best we have is the 0.9.4 SDK.  So, for example, what would one need to copy across, into a copy of the AT example from the nodemcu-firmware example, to be then able to compile the AT example with 0.9.5 SDK?

Any easy tips/answers in there I suspect will help a lot of people as well as myself. I could find all of this out with a lot of wasted time and experimenting, I’m hoping someone has done all of this.