Migrating from Flickr to Google Web Albums

Having just noticed on the BBC website that Flickr are in cahoots with Getty and Corbis – I’m migrating all my photos to Google and intend to close down the Flickr account.

Here’s the tool I’m using, it’s called Migratr and it is trivial to use, requiring only the login information for the two sites – and a temporary storage folder on your PC. No work needed as it takes all the meta information in the transfer.

Why would I want to have as little to do with Getty and Corbis?  Well, apart from not wanting to be part of their plan for global domination (they also own iStock and a bunch of other companies, they have been absolutely RUTHLESS in pursuing SMEs for payment where said SMEs have inadvertently ended up with even small, worthless photos on their sites… and have been sending bills for many hundreds or even thousands of pounds to said companies along with scare tactics that would make the mafia blush. I want nothing to do with them.