All in One Ethernet Arduino

Just as I was getting all upset about my ESP866 woes, the postman arrived. The nice people at Freetronics sent me a couple of samples to play with – and here’s the first one.


I’ll confess I’m not a great one for using the Atmega328 as found in Arduinos – it has too little memory for my liking – but there’s no doubt it’s very popular and so an all in one board containing the processor AND the Ethernet card has to be a good idea. The on-board Ethernet is NOT the cheaper ethernet card which I wasted months on but is the full official Wiznet version – so this board,, which has a micro-usb interface, power socket, Ethernet socket and comes complete with lead and instructions, looks ideal for the more ambitious projects. There’s an SD card interface as well as a pair of half-decent looking 3v3 regulators – actually the 3v3 regulator looks man enough to handle the likes of various radio boards which need 3v3 so that’s a plus.   I’ll write some more on this when I can fit it into my testing schedule but right now this looks like a nice, solid winner. You have the link above for Freetronics.