Scargills new toys – Bricopack Vista Inspirat and Launchy


I’m running XP mainly because I’m waiting for SP1 before moving along – right now I find Vista a little slow for my liking – but I DO like the visuals. So here are a few toys to make your old XP box zip along.

Shell Packs BricoPack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 dlbFirstly,  Bricopack Vista Inspirat Ultimate 2 – good grief I hear you say… that’s a name and a half – well it is but it converts your tired old XL machine with new visuals, new sounds and a new start bar – and it’s free. I’ve put this on 2 machines now – no adverse affects and your PC looks just like Vista.

The only thing about BVIU2 is that the start bar isn’t that clever.  I’ve been running a little program called LAUNCHY for some time now, hit a couple of keys and a little window pops up – you type in the first couple of letters of any program on your computer (for which you have a shortcut) and it offers it as an option. Invaluable and WAY better than hunting around with a mouse. Oh, and one more….   get the flashy task flipper so beloved in Vista. It isn’t obvious but instead of using ALT-TAB  you use WINDOWSKEY-TAB (to the left of ALT) and instead of the normal boring icons you get exactly what Vista users get.  Great fun!