Peter Scargill’s Favourite Freeware and the Firefox Fix

I don’t normally go out of my way to review software or point people do it but there are a couple of programs that are just SO useful – I thought I’d let you in on them.

The first is UNLOCKER – it has no interface and you may think it’s a waste of time – but I love it.  How often have you been messing around with EXPLORE, deleting stuff when all of a sudden you get “cannot delete file” – or “another program is using this file” or similar- and you end up having to reboot just to get rid of the file?  No more – this program solves the problem without any fuss.

Slightly more visible is FASTSTONE image viewer. This is a simple image viewer on the surface of it – it’s fast, WAY better than that daft Microsoft viewer and under the hood does a LOT more. I’ve always been an admirer of IRFANVIEW and for years stuck with that for viewing images – until I came across Faststone. The difference? Right-clicking the image not only gives you a load of info on the image – but there’s an edit option which allows you to simple change the contrast, resize etc VERY easily. This then is my viewer of choice.

Am I using CHROME? No. at this point (September 2008) I don’t even think it’s in the same league as Firefox 3. The add-ons available for Firefox in my opinion put it in a league of it’s own. HAVING SAID THAT… the only problem I’ve had up to now with Firefox is loadup speed. It can take ages – but now there’s a fix… I just downloaded FIREFOX PRELOADER from Sourceforge and it has sorted the problem!


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